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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury and Closed Head Injury commonly occur due to motor vehicle collisions. Injuries can range from a loss of consciousness of less than five minutes to being comatose for many months. Any level of injury can cause an increase in pre-injury bad driving behaviors or create new, unsafe driving issues. These issues can stem from problems with vision, accuracy and speed of eye movements, speed of response, attention, memory, problem solving, judgment and/or loss of physical skills. It can spare one skill and wipe another skill completely from memory. It commonly makes learning new information difficult and may keep a survivor from quickly learning from their mistakes. All of the above can result in unsafe driving encounters, unpredictable driving actions or repeat collisions for the survivor.

If someone you know has been in an accident or has had a TBI, look for the following warning signs:

If you or those that drive with you notice any of the above warning signs, you may need a driving evaluation. We can, with knowledge about your medical conditions, can provide a comprehensive evaluation and determine your ability to drive. 440-449-3300.

This evaluation will include:

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