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Disability Information
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High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and Driving (HFASD)

Autism commonly becomes evident in early childhood and probably will be chronic in nature. The disorder consists of developmental deficiencies that can range from inhibiting behaviors to having high anxiety.   Any level of  HFASD may increase the risk of unsafe driving.. These risks stem from levels of anxiety, poor problem solving skills, prioritizing and planning.   Visual skill training is vital since many HFADF treat all information on the road equally.  

If you or someone you know has HFASD here are the warning signs that may interfere with safe driving:

Our system:
to evaluate if someone with HFASD can drive our system consists of a three parts:

  1. Clinical evaluation with a focus on:
    • Visual Perception
    • Divided attention
    • Reaction Time 
  2. Critical Information Identification program (Both care giver and student must take together)
  3. Behind-The-Wheel evaluation

To find out more about our comprehensive evaluation and determine you or your son or daughters ability to drive call us at. 440-449-3300.    *Medical clearance to drive is encouraged.


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