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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder commonly becomes evident in early childhood and probably will be chronic in nature. The disorder consists of developmental deficiencies that can range from inhibiting behaviors to initiating and sustaining behaviors. The individual may improve with age. Any level of ADD or ADHD may increase the risk of unsafe driving issues. These issues stem from under developed visual perception skills, impaired ability to self-regulate behavior, moods and responses. Lack of organization and the inability to concentrate are also underlining issues. Their ability to learn information for the licensing knowledge test works well when one on one instruction is provided. Learning from their driving mistakes takes extra time. All of the above can result in unsafe driving encounters, unpredictable driving actions or an increased number of "minor" accidents. Medical clearance to drive is encouraged.

If someone you know has ADD or ADHD, look for the following warning signs that may interfere with safe driving:

Our system:
to evaluate if someone with ADD or  HDHD can drive our system consists of a three parts:

  1. Clinical evaluation with a focus on:
    • Visual Perception
    • Divided attention
    • Reaction Time 
  2. Critical Information Identification program (Both care giver and student must take together)
  3. Behind-The-Wheel evaluation

If you or those that drive with you notice any of the above warning signs, you may need a driving evaluation. We can, with knowledge about medical conditions, can provide a comprehensive evaluation and determine your ability to drive. 440-449-3300.    

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