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The Department of Public Safety's Rules on Exceeding the six-month contract.

"All training as required under 4501-7-09 of the Administrative Code, provided by the by the driving school shall be made available to, and completed by, the student within six months of the first date of training, unless mitigating circumstances occur.  Mitigating circumstances include health and family issues that disrupt the student's ability to receive training.  Mitigating circumstances do not include the inability to schedule training due to parent or student elective or extra-curricular activities, such as sports and school clubs".

Steps to reinstate:

Sample letter:


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To whom it may concern

Due to xxxxxxx (please include mitigating circumstances) I was unable to complete the program within the required time frame of the contract.  Please accept this letter so he/she may be reinstated to take her/his in car or class lessons to finish the program.


Thank you

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If you have any questions please contact our staff at 440-449-3300

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