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Instructing the Deaf on the Road

By: Daniel Cox

Instructing a deaf student on the road is just as easy as instructing a hearing student, as long as you follow these simple suggestions, and use the hand signals that I have created while you are on the road.

When working with the deaf on the road, a note pad, pen and a selected route should be organized before each lesson in the vehicle.  Each student should be shown the hand signals that will be used by the instructor before the lesson starts.  Students should be told that unless they are told (or shown) otherwise, they should proceed straight at intersections and cross streets.

Preparation - Draw out the maneuverability test and explain what is required of them to pass the test.

First demonstrate the maneuverability test to the deaf student by stopping the car at each critical turning point.  This will make it easier for the deaf student to understand the required movement of the vehicle and make it easier for you to instruct them.

Click on a link below to see hand signal images.

Proced Straight
Left Turn
Right Turn
Slow Down
Look at...
Lane Change

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